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We are a family-oriented store selling beautiful home products for you and your family. Beautiful collections ...Great prices! 

Free and Discounted Products

We offer Free Products (just cover shipping) and great discounts in every collection from time to time 

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Free Shipping

We also offer Free Shipping for all other products which are not free. 

Shipping Times

Please refer to the FAQs at the Footer of each page.

Loss or Damage

Sometimes your items can get lost/damaged in their journey to you. If this occurs, we will send you a replacement free of charge or a full/partial refund. Just contact us at support@joan-online-store.com with your order number and a photo of the damaged item.

Replacements are given for items lost while shipping. Replacements are shipped within 7 days after receiving your item if damaged. 

Tracking Your Order

To track your order, please use your tracking number that we send to you.

Please note that your tracking number is the one we send automatically when we ship your order (it can take up to 7 days).  It usually is 13 characters long and starts and ends with a letter.

Please note that you must not enter your order number, or it will appear as an error automatically. 

If you cannot find your tracking number, or have concerns about your shipment, you can get in touch with us after about 14 days at support@joan-online-store.com . 

Depending on our suppliers, logistical arrangements, and where you live, certain shipments do not have tracking codes for certain segments of the journey. In such cases, please be patient and do not worry as shipments are insured and guaranteed by us. Your product should still arrive by the normal shipping times.  

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us at support@joan-online-store.com .  Just give us the order number, date of purchase and name of the item. We will be pleased to offer great service to you.